How To Measure Your Sofa


First, take note of the dimensions of your sofa, listed on our product page. You’ll need to refer to these as you take various measurements around your home


Option 1

Open your door as wide as possible and measure from the outer edge of the door to the inner edge of the doorframe. Always measure from the narrowest point, and record your measurement. 

Option 2

If option 1 doesn’t work then we will need to try carrying the sofa through upright. Record the height of your door frame. 

Is this measurement higher than your sofa’s length)? If yes, then it should fit provided that...

  • You have enough room in your hallway to wiggle it into.
  • Your sofa has lower or curved arms (FIG. 5) that will allow it to arch round into the hallway



Measure the width of your hallway at its narrowest point and check if it’s wider than the height of your sofa. Don’t forget to consider light fixtures and handrails in your measurements.

For internal doors follow the same instructions as 'THE FRONT DOOR' ensuring there is enough space inside and outside the room to manoeuvre. 



Measure the width of your stairs at their narrowest point and keep note (don’t forget to account for handrails and light fixtures!). 

Is this measurement wider than the height of your sofa? If yea it should fit. 

Is there a landing? If yes, then measure the width, depth and height of your landing . As long as these measurements are all larger than the depth, height and length of your sofa, you should be fine.

If you have a bannister and need to lift it over, check that the distance between the bannister and the ceiling is greater than the depth of the sofa at the narrowest height.


Please ensure all measurements are correct before purchasing as we are not liable if the sofa doesn't fit. 

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